January 02, 2010

T Minus 2 (or 3) Days

It is Saturday and the "day" I refer to is Tuesday, however, I am not certain if that is two or three days when one makes this indication!
Anyway, Tuesday is the day that I begin the detox program I have been brushing up on for the last six or seven weeks. Many people detox their bodies when addicted to drugs or alcohol. That isn't my issue. My issue is that my body is tired. This detoxification promises to renew my body physically and mentally. We shall see.

I am typically most excited about such endeavors prior to actually beginning. It is mid-day on the first day that more often than not I question my sanity. Tonight I am making the list of the organic fruits and vegetables and minerals and vitamins I need to get when I go off to Sprouts tomorrow.

With highlighter (and cupcake) in hand I am noting all of the elements the author views as essential. There are some fundamentals that I am not excited about...but we shall see how it progresses. Should I become fantastically free with mental and emotional acuity I will sing its praises from roof tops!

Since I am not currently working I decided to devote space in my blog to something other than work-home balance. Isn't that paradoxical?

More updates later...if I don't wilt.

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