May 31, 2007

You Go Spurs!

Oh, yeah. They won game five last night. And now they are the Western Conference CHAMPS! Yeah! My sis called today to tell me the finals schedule. We just have to wait to see if it will be Detroit or Cleaveland that they will be playing. I don't know that there is much in either of those towns to see...except my Spurs.

Go Spurs Go!

May 27, 2007

No Jazz, Just Blues!

Well, I went to Utah yesterday and came back this evening. The Spurs lost game 3. They haven't beat Utah at their arena in about 16 playoff games. That is the bad news. They will play again tomorrow night and hopefully they can turn that around. Then the series goes back to San Antonio...where I am sure they will do well.

The good news is that me and my two sisters had a great time in Salt Lake City. We haven't had a girls only trip with the three of us since we went to Boston in 2003! We laughed so hard I nearly cried. I like sisters. They are great friends.

We stayed a couple blocks from the arena and our hotel was hosting a "gamers conference".....the folks who play games that become so real to them they begin dressing up in the costumes....yeah, that was interesting. I have never seen so many intersting people in one place. The kind of conferences I go to may not amuse them, either, I am afraid.

But between the gamers, our usual silly thoughts and the talk on Utah's multiple wife marriage ideas we had a lot of things to talk about!

Live long and prosper!

May 24, 2007

My Lil' Story Book

Well, it is done. I have finished my little book of stories. I finally got all of the short stories I have written over the years into one program on one disc and on one computer. I put it all together this morning and I am going to send it to a proof reader. It ended up being about 40 pages. Because of that I might add some graphics or some of my poetry.

I changed the name to Sobering Thoughts. It seemed to fit. I am a little nervous and a little excited. My life in print. EEEEKKKK. If all goes well I might have a sample print to take with me when I speak at the graduation in June.

A writer.

May 23, 2007

And All That Jazz!

I am bound for Utah on Saturday. I will be meeting my sisters there to cheer on our Spurs in game number three. I am hoping for a third win and on the way to a clean sweep.

Go Spurs Go.

May 22, 2007

Goooooooooooo Spurs!

Half time in game two vs. Utah. Spurs ahead. Looking good. Oh, I hope I will be in Utah this weekend. I guess I will live if I am not. But, boy am I going to have to be in Detroit or Cleaveland for the finals.

Go Spurs.

May 13, 2007

GO Spurs GO!

Good job. Two down! Only two to go. Tony Parker is looking better everyday....and his game isn't that bad, either.

May 11, 2007

Love Always

I found out this morning that my niece is in the hospital. We were really close at one time in our lives. She grew up next door to me. She actually introduced me to my husband. I am very scared for her and very sad. She is a vibrant woman with three beautiful little girls. She is only 30. I pray she will be well soon and on her way to 100% recovery. I just saw her last weekend when they visited from San Antonio. For anyone who prays, please keep her on your list.

An update: She is home and doing well. The problem was corrected with surgery. I saw her last weekend when I went to San Antonio and she is in good spirits. One question I ask myself, though is: why does it take something tragic to realize how valuable the little things are?


May 10, 2007

A word to the Spurs

I love you and all....but we have to win Saturday. I have planned my schedule around the games this season. That includes a trip to a game in round three. You have to be there for that to happen. I don't want to go all that way to see the Phoenix Suns play. Timmy can't do it all on his Manu, Tony, Finley....get it together and make me a happy fan.

And a word for Golden State, I would like round three to be in San Fran instead of is much prettier there this time of the year, so if by some miracle you could make it happen, too...that would be beautiful.

Go Spurs Go!

May 05, 2007

Super Saturday!

I love Saturday. I sleep until 7 AM...and that is late in my world. I love the smell of Saturday. My son usually wakes me up by asking if he can watch cartoons. Of course he can. I make him breakfast then start getting ready. We always have something to do on a Saturday. Today is a birthday party for a schoolmate of his. Afterward we are meeting for lunch with some family who are in from San Antonio. This evening if the weather stays great I will stretch out on a lounge chair and watch him swim.

Tomorrow I have a crack-o-dawn flight. I am meeting my sister in Arizona for the day. We are going to watch our favorite NBA team play there. I am excited. I love NBA playoff time of the year.

Have a super Saturday.