November 25, 2014

He does notice

My Sonshine is 13.10.  I am so grateful to have a close relationship with him and be able to share important and mundane moments in his life.  Today is the annual Thanksgiving Feast at his school.  I will go to enjoy lunch with him.  There are times I am not certain he notices how I value our time or if he wants me to take part in these events.  This morning my heart melted and I don't even think he realized. 

Me:  I look forward to the Thanksgiving Feast with you today at lunch.
Sonshine:  Me too mom. 
Me:  I am grateful I get to attend so many of your events.
Sonshine:  You've only missed two since I was born.  But were both sick the day of my Halloween party in the second grade so that one doesn't count. 

He does notice.