June 25, 2007

Workshop Complete

I just got home from the state conference in San Antonio. I presented at a difficult time. It was the last class before dinner. It was also pushed back from a late running earlier speaker. That made a few people a little difficult to deal with in the workshop; however, I enjoyed myself.

In addition to the conference I got to see a lot of family members. I enjoyed a night on my own...sleeping sideways in the bed! But the next night got to witness my sister taking three of our neices and my boy swimming. Then we all stayed in the hotel room. What fun it was.

Now my little dumpling is staying a few nights with his grandmother. The house isn't the same without him here. So, here I am, up at 10:45PM watching David Letterman. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my big dumpling, Tony Parker is going to be on tonight!

Needing a Siesta after San Antonio.

June 17, 2007

Class Complete!

I am waiting on the grade from my last class to be posted. Right now I have an A. I am just waiting on the score for one more thing to find out the final grade. I have 5 more classes left now. That is so close. The degree will be a Master's in General Psychology. I keep toying with the idea of changing it to a Master's in Counseling....but that would require changing schools and probably more course work. I don't mind the work. I learn so much and enjoy it a lot....but I need to wrap this up with a pretty little bow. It has been a goal for so long I think it is time to see it to fruition. If I want the Master's in counseling after this one in psychology then I can get it. Why not? I have two Associates Degrees and two Bachelor's Degrees. Why not two Graduate?


June 15, 2007


Well, it is over. The Spurs won the championship last night with a clean sweep 4-0 victory over the Cavs. I am so happy. And my man, Tony Parker, was the MVP. Sweet. So now they have 4 titles. I was there the year they won the first! This time I only made a few of the out of town playoff games but boy did it feel like I was there last night. Sunday is the parade. I cannot make that, either. But when I visit San Antonio later this month I know I will get t-shirts and video tapes galore! What a season. What a win. Beautiful.

Now, if I could just talk Tony Parker out of marrying Eva Longoria....that would be a great season.

Go Spurs Go!

June 14, 2007


I spent the day at the local amusement park. My son is a maniac. He loves roller coasters as much as I do. He rode one with two loops THREE times in a row. He doesn't stop. As soon as we walked in the door (and I didn't think I could make one more step) he was already asking to go swimming. If I had just a bit of that energy!


June 10, 2007

Summer is here!

For me, summer has officially arrived. I went swimming today. I worked in the flower beds and got hot enough to jump in! I am glad. When summer is in swing, life seems a little more fun, a little more peaceful, a little slower.

I even made homemade icecream...and ate some of it....without looking at the calorie content. Great day. Great summer.

And tonight is game two of the NBA finals. Hoping for another Spurs victory. Wouldn't that make for a "perfect" weekend?


June 02, 2007

My Little Man

Well, Kindergarten is over. My baby is a first grader now. He told me he appreciates me calling him that, too. So, instead of calling him his name I refer to him as "the first grader".

We had a fun time the last full week of school. He had something special each day. A movie day with popcorn, a show and tell day where he took he electronic dog, a favorite game day where he took chinese checkers. He also had field day. I took lots of photos of that!

The last day he attended church service with his class and then I joined him in the classroom to say goodbye to his friends and teacher. He had the best teacher! I am so glad. I was so fearful of sending him off to school and she made it great. He can read and write and pray like a pro. An amazing year. So many transformations.

A mother of a first grader.