June 25, 2007

Workshop Complete

I just got home from the state conference in San Antonio. I presented at a difficult time. It was the last class before dinner. It was also pushed back from a late running earlier speaker. That made a few people a little difficult to deal with in the workshop; however, I enjoyed myself.

In addition to the conference I got to see a lot of family members. I enjoyed a night on my own...sleeping sideways in the bed! But the next night got to witness my sister taking three of our neices and my boy swimming. Then we all stayed in the hotel room. What fun it was.

Now my little dumpling is staying a few nights with his grandmother. The house isn't the same without him here. So, here I am, up at 10:45PM watching David Letterman. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my big dumpling, Tony Parker is going to be on tonight!

Needing a Siesta after San Antonio.

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