January 17, 2011

Not a Virgo!

I have been a Libra all of my life. All-of-my-life. Who is this telling me I now need to be a Virgo? It doesn’t even fit for me. I fully and wholly embrace the characteristics of Libra, even the “dark side”. I don’t want to be no stinkin’ Virgo. No offense to Virgos. Reasons I should remain Libra:

The symbol is a SCALE. If I don’t represent a scale, I don’t know who does. My emotions have been ruled by a scale since I was 9. There you go.

The positive side of Libra indicates that I am diplomatic and urbane
. Romantic and charming
. Easygoing and sociable. 
Idealistic and peaceable. Who doesn’t think I am urbane? And the dark side of Libra signifies I am indecisive and changeable. Gullible and easily influenced. Flirtatious and self-indulgent. I am. Maybe not. Yes, I am. See.

The Virgo, you might ask?

Well, the symbol is a VIRGIN. Okay, skip the comments.

The positive side of Virgo is Modest and shy
. Meticulous and reliable
. Practical and diligent
. Intelligent and analytical. Shy? Modest? Practical? What? No.

And the dark side? Fussy and a worrier. 
Overcritical and harsh. 
 Perfectionist and conservative. Okay, I am not conservative. Humph. I will accept a rising in Virgo or something, but I am not going to explain to the next single man I meet that I was born a Libra but became a Virgo in 2011. Does that require surgery, by the way?

See? Stubborn.

January 12, 2011


So, I let the cat (so to speak) out of the bag on Facebook Tuesday night. By midday Wednesday I had received five congratulations calls. There is a new relationship in my life.

Much to the dismay of many, I assume, as I am a frequent “pro-no relationship” kind of girl.This relationship wasn’t my idea. It was my son’s idea. He’s been wanting this to happen for years. I have moved from being adamantly opposed to being open. Together we began the search to find the perfect match several months ago.

My apprehension? Why bring another into my home? Disrupt my even flow? To be tied down?To feed another? To clean up mess? And put up with smell? Yes, you heard me right. I said smell.

But he came home with us on Saturday after we met. Yes, we moved him right in. And I fell in love. Yes, love.

We now go for walks. We cuddle on the sofa. And believe it or not, I have even found myself talking like a baby to him. I know. Me, talking like a baby!

I leave in the morning with a promise to return. And I can’t wait to walk in the door to see him.To giggle when he does something “cute”. And he does so many cute things.

I’ve not given into kisses at this point, it seems too early in the relationship. But I do cuddle.

So, I want everyone to meet him. His name is Max. And I think he is adorable!

(I know I should not let him be seen in the cone of shame...but I cannot keep him to myself any longer!)

I am babbling about him. And even looking for pet friendly hotels for our future. I cannot believe I have a pet. This is my first. And I am completely head over heels for the little guy.

Amazingly, this is a real commitment!

January 10, 2011

Wonder Why?

There are times I can’t let it go.


A question that won’t be answered.

At least not in this lifetime.

But I find myself asking anyway.


What were you thinking, feeling?


Why that day?

Why that choice?

Why was the thing you were thinking, feeling enough that night?

Did you know how many people would cry?

Or was it just too much to think about?


I miss you.

So do so many others.

And many cannot stop wondering why.

January 02, 2011

A Decade Ago....

All of the days on the advent calendar have been pulled, the gifts have been exchanged, goodies baked and eaten, decorations put away, carols and auld lang syne have been sung. Now it is time to look at the year….And the decade. A lot can happen in a decade!

2000: I had been happily married for a little over a year and living a nearly fairy tale life in Germany. We spent Valentine’s Day in Paris and all was good in the world. In 2000 I visited the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, England, and Lichtenstein. In May I found out we were going to have a baby. In October I was excited to have a visit from my mom and both sisters. And I met a lot of great people from all over the world. I also began graduate school. 2000 was the first Christmas I did not spend with my family in Texas because our not so little bundle of joy was expected at anytime during the holidays.

What has changed in your life in the last decade?

Ten years......