January 17, 2011

Not a Virgo!

I have been a Libra all of my life. All-of-my-life. Who is this telling me I now need to be a Virgo? It doesn’t even fit for me. I fully and wholly embrace the characteristics of Libra, even the “dark side”. I don’t want to be no stinkin’ Virgo. No offense to Virgos. Reasons I should remain Libra:

The symbol is a SCALE. If I don’t represent a scale, I don’t know who does. My emotions have been ruled by a scale since I was 9. There you go.

The positive side of Libra indicates that I am diplomatic and urbane
. Romantic and charming
. Easygoing and sociable. 
Idealistic and peaceable. Who doesn’t think I am urbane? And the dark side of Libra signifies I am indecisive and changeable. Gullible and easily influenced. Flirtatious and self-indulgent. I am. Maybe not. Yes, I am. See.

The Virgo, you might ask?

Well, the symbol is a VIRGIN. Okay, skip the comments.

The positive side of Virgo is Modest and shy
. Meticulous and reliable
. Practical and diligent
. Intelligent and analytical. Shy? Modest? Practical? What? No.

And the dark side? Fussy and a worrier. 
Overcritical and harsh. 
 Perfectionist and conservative. Okay, I am not conservative. Humph. I will accept a rising in Virgo or something, but I am not going to explain to the next single man I meet that I was born a Libra but became a Virgo in 2011. Does that require surgery, by the way?

See? Stubborn.

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Betty Kurecka said...

Your funny bone is showing and I'm a liking'! Very cute and on-right. We read the same article. Not I'm no longer a Leo but a Cancer. Sure I'm little crabby at times, but not a full-fledged crab.