September 26, 2008

Off the Couch!

Last night after a really busy day...that goes like this.....wake up, get the boy off to school, to the post office, to work ---work, work, work --- back to school to pick him up, a couple of errands that included a sword exchange and a lesson from my son on the fact that, although, he was appreciative I bought him a sword for his Halloween costume, Darth Vader has a red sword, not a blue one. Who knew.....then to Olive Garden for dinner because mom was too tired to make pasta myself, then to Garden Ridge for some office decorations. Whew.
When we got home and he was off to bed I finally sat down on the couch. It hit me! I have spent a long time on the couch. As a lover of therapy and a counselor myself, I think "the couch" is a wonderful and cathartic place to be; however, there has to be a time that a person takes the information from inside of those rooms and creates some action outside of those rooms.
Just a thought on a Friday before an action packed weekend that will not be spent on "the couch".

September 16, 2008

A Man!

My nephew is playing college ball this year. He is wearing my brother's old college number (his dad).

He is not a boy anymore. He is a man. He is taller than my brother. Wow. Time flies. I remember when he was born. I hate to admit it but I was already out of high school.

Old woman.

September 08, 2008

No Self-Control

I have no self-control on the weekend. I eat right during the week and go crazy during the weekend. I need structure. I am so stubborn. I need to get a grip or I will never take off the thirty pounds I want off.

Maybe I need to be coached by Michael Phelps? I wonder if he would be my personal trainer?

Five days of self-control ahead.

September 05, 2008


It is Friday. I have been with my new job for three weeks. It has been so busy there hasn't been a moment of boredom. I am glad of that. This is a great orgranization with a great future. I am glad to be on board, not bored.

TGIF...a little...