September 08, 2008

No Self-Control

I have no self-control on the weekend. I eat right during the week and go crazy during the weekend. I need structure. I am so stubborn. I need to get a grip or I will never take off the thirty pounds I want off.

Maybe I need to be coached by Michael Phelps? I wonder if he would be my personal trainer?

Five days of self-control ahead.


nemotoo said...

I too struggle with waning commitments to my weight goals. Here is something that I hope will help you or put a smile in heart.

I endeavor to understand my surroundings, others and myself. I, at times, ride on the wings of the pursuit of enlightenment and knowledge while surfing the waves of benevolence and acceptance. When things are going well, I revel in the assurance that all is right with me and all is right with the world. When things go bad I struggle against the currents of air and water that has no name, substance, form or face; but exists nonetheless. Who put that cheese cake in basket, brought it home, put it in my mouth and digested it??????????

Puppet Master (PM) Strikes Again .....Kill that calorie carrying, Rocky Balboa moment ruining PM.. I need to be coached by Michael Phelps also.

Paula said...

So, are we going to make any committments to change during this year of hope and change?