June 02, 2007

My Little Man

Well, Kindergarten is over. My baby is a first grader now. He told me he appreciates me calling him that, too. So, instead of calling him his name I refer to him as "the first grader".

We had a fun time the last full week of school. He had something special each day. A movie day with popcorn, a show and tell day where he took he electronic dog, a favorite game day where he took chinese checkers. He also had field day. I took lots of photos of that!

The last day he attended church service with his class and then I joined him in the classroom to say goodbye to his friends and teacher. He had the best teacher! I am so glad. I was so fearful of sending him off to school and she made it great. He can read and write and pray like a pro. An amazing year. So many transformations.

A mother of a first grader.

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