May 27, 2007

No Jazz, Just Blues!

Well, I went to Utah yesterday and came back this evening. The Spurs lost game 3. They haven't beat Utah at their arena in about 16 playoff games. That is the bad news. They will play again tomorrow night and hopefully they can turn that around. Then the series goes back to San Antonio...where I am sure they will do well.

The good news is that me and my two sisters had a great time in Salt Lake City. We haven't had a girls only trip with the three of us since we went to Boston in 2003! We laughed so hard I nearly cried. I like sisters. They are great friends.

We stayed a couple blocks from the arena and our hotel was hosting a "gamers conference".....the folks who play games that become so real to them they begin dressing up in the costumes....yeah, that was interesting. I have never seen so many intersting people in one place. The kind of conferences I go to may not amuse them, either, I am afraid.

But between the gamers, our usual silly thoughts and the talk on Utah's multiple wife marriage ideas we had a lot of things to talk about!

Live long and prosper!

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