January 03, 2010

Getting Supplies

My list is made. Today I am going to find my supplies. I call them supplies as if they are foreign items. For me, some of them are. While I know what parsley, organic coffee, basil and stevia are, I can't say I have ever bought them. This should be fun. Maybe educational. I like learning about things I don't know...so I will be open minded and view this as a learning experience.
I hope to go to the Sunflower Shoppe in Colleyville because it is close. But if it isn't open I assume I will drive over to my old neighborhood and go to Sprouts in Flower Mound.
One of the chores the book is instructing me to also do is de-clutter my pantry of processed foods. I wonder if they think it unhealthy for me to eat it all today to get rid of it? It has crossed my mind.
Would it be wrong to buy ice cream on my way home, too? Hmmm...this could be a real challenge.
Here's to health!


Lisa said...

I'm jealous of those of you who get to shop at Sprouts! Every time I visit my cousin in Keller I ask her if she needs to go to the grocery store!

Good luck with the "beginning". My goal is to get healthier this year, too. But, I REFUSE to call it a diet!

Paula said...

I love Sprouts....it was right behind my house in Flower Mound. Now I have The Sunflower Shoppe. It isn't as big and exciting...but...it is close.

When I changed my eating habits last January I called it a "New lifestyle choice" because I never wanted to implant the word "diet" when it refers to weight loss in my sons head. But lifestyle choice has many meanings...and when my sweet boy prayed for his mom's "new lifestyle choice" outloud in school one morning it was probably one of the funniest things we have experienced!