January 05, 2010

Report of Day One

I would like to tell you that it went well. Really, I would. But, I cannot.

I started the day off with a faulty juicer. It was missing a piece. I didn't realize that until every surface of my kitchen was covered in carrot shavings. That was fun to clean. I appreciate my instincts, though, because decided it would not be a good idea to get out of my PJ's until after my juicing experience. Possibly, I have ESP, but I will investigate that on another day.

From the flawed juicer I was able to extract three ounces of carrot and beet juice. I removed six times as much from the walls of my kitchen. It was actually a tasty concoction. The extraction, not the contents off the wall.

Back to my story about my progress. I had my few ounces of vegetable juice this morning and then went off to an interview that began at 9:00 AM and wasn't even over when I had to leave at 2:00 PM. That reason makes me feel better about the results....I came home and ate my body weight in cocoa crispies.

I am sure I lost five pounds!

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