August 30, 2010

Stopping Activity!

Many times we talk about wanting things to be different. If we really want different outcomes, oftentimes that means we have to have different behaviors. That isn’t always easy. Perhaps, not because we don’t want to change, but time and again I find that is because we don’t really know how.

One of the places to begin is to take a look at a behavior you would like to stop. We all have those. Maybe you want to stop smoking, eating chocolate, having wine with dinner, or even end that dysfunctional relationship.
Once you have made a commitment to stopping the behavior and are beginning to move forward, it is likely you will have a desire to engage in the behavior again. When this occurs, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the behavior you would like to do that you know is unproductive?

2. What would this behavior look like, in detail, if you were to follow through?

3. What are you hoping will happen if you engage in this behavior?

4. Based on past experience, what is the likely outcome if you engage in this behavior?

5. How will you likely feel when this happens?

Playing the situation through from beginning to end will likely assist in your making a healthier choice. Desires to engage in unproductive behaviors will pass. This stopping activity is valuable in supporting the discontinuation of behavior.

© Paula Heller-Garland, Conscious Life, 2010

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