August 30, 2010

Band Aid

In the aftermath of a recent relationship loss I was in a tailspin for nearly two weeks. The sadness overwhelmed. The idea that I would no longer have this friend to lean on was crushing. I found myself in tears and in fear more often than felt congruent to the experience.

So, if not this loss, then what? All those before….and as I have blogged many times in the past, there have been many in the last couple of years. An epiphany!

While I am sure many around me could see it, until this morning it hadn’t hit me. And it blew me away when I heard myself say this out loud, “I know it isn’t about this loss…it is about the many before…” and I candidly admit the main reason for becoming so heavily involved in the pursuit of keeping this friendship alive was in order to keep from having to feel those feelings.

So, this has been a band aid. And it has been ripped off.

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