August 19, 2010

Rock Star

I fell in love with a rock star. His presence was larger than life. He filled a room to the brim. As he stepped out of his sports car and took off his designer shades and put them into their case. I breathed in his charisma and the world felt bigger.

A golden boy….intelligent….articulate…well dressed…polished…mesmerizing. I was awestruck and hung on every word. I watched him on his stage and was captivated. I was charmed by his words and enamored with his poise….and I became vulnerable.

I watched while his calls were screened, questions unanswered, emotions censored. I listened to the others who had been backstage. They were unimpressed.

Then he invited me backstage.

He invited me backstage and took me around the world. I was part of his rock star life. The travel, the glamour, the fun where nothing was off limits. I felt bullet proof. My head whirled and I believed every sweet word that came from his gorgeous rock star mouth. He took me away from the truth and pain of my life for a while as he spoke the lyrics of his life.

The rock star was passionate, warm, loving and tender. He allowed me to see a side of him that he didn’t share with the world. Because he loved me, too. I was his. He was my silent romance novel.

The rock star life gave him all the rights.

And I stood with the responsibility.

And as all rock stars do….he moved on…..leaving me with lingering thoughts, memories and many questions I forgot to ask.

I never even asked for an autograph.

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JosephMassey said...

Good thing you are a SUPER STAR! It out ranks Rock Star I'm sure of it!