December 06, 2007

Go Spurs Go!

I just have to say...all my Mavs fan friends. This message is for you...and don't pretend you don't deserve it.

Okay, so, some of the things I heard PRE GAME yesterday were that the Mavs were going to "walk all over the Spurs"....that Tim Duncan being out was going to be a major set back. I think mention was even made that with Manu having a hurt hand we were in trouble. Hmmm....let's see. Who won? Was it a down to the buzzer, nail bitting game? HA. You see? Three time champions vs. Never been champions. Makes a difference.

And the bet my co-worker and I made this time is so much better than the last. Our bet this time was to put up a Christmas tree in the office decorated in the colors of the winning team. Oh, black and silver will be BEAUTIFUL.

There you have it.

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