December 06, 2007

Busy Days

Today I have a work related audit at the office. Although, they never seem as painful as my mind can make them, I don't look forward to them. I am ready today.

After work I am going to swing by the mall and see if I can pick the Christmas cheer up again. And perhaps, a few gifts, as well.

Friday will be devoted to doing the work I have not done while preparing for this audit.

Saturday I have to begin getting my things together for travel. Saturday afternoon I pick my California sister up at the airport and we head to watch our nephew play football. He is a senior in high school and his team in undefeated. They are playing the last game before the state game!

Since all the family will be there (both sisters, brother, nephews, mom, son, etc.) we are going to stay in the same hotel. On Sunday we will have breakfast together then make a run for it.

Sunday I will drive my sister back to the airport. I will drop her off and head for the other airport here to catch a flight myself. I am going to South Texas to do some training. I leave Sunday and will return Wednesday. I love training. That is something exciting to look forward to.


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