March 02, 2010

Unfinished Business

When sorting through things at my mom's house I noticed a number of "unfinished projects". She had photo albums, pictures, and picture frames. I remember her starting many of those projects or talking about them over the years. She had many ideas on how to create a beautiful photo tour through our lives. She purchased the perfect photo album for all of our weekends and holidays at the coast. It had a beautiful coastal scene on the front and she had a box of photos to begin putting in. She never did fill the pages.

My first thought was, "I need to get busy putting my scrapbooks together" because I have similar boxes of photos that belong on unfilled pages to represent my life. However, after further examination, I began to realize the reason those pages were never filled. The main reason she never got to putting the contents into those albums is because she was so busy making the memories she wanted to put into those pages.

I believe she was one of the most well-traveled women I know. She was always busy and involved. She went on vacations, weekends and to events every time she turned around. I am grateful to the spirit of adventure she instilled in me. Today I am okay knowing those memories were more important than putting them into a book!

Living today.....

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