March 13, 2010

Spring Break: Day One

We arrived in Branson at midnight last night. We got up early to explore the resort and the town. I really do like the cabin we are in. I was unsure of the location we picked before we got here, but I think it was a great choice. Being outside of Texas reminds me of how much I do enjoy being near mountians and wooded areas.

After breakfast we spent some time at the activity center, where I was schooled in Chinese Checkers by my son. Then we explored the town. We went to Tablerock Lake and to main street in downtown. Afterward, we bought a few groceries and came back to the cabin. Now we are napping, watching TV and just being lazy. I have some homework to do (no resentments that I need to do it while on vacation) then we might head back to the activity center for the evening social.

Before going to bed tonight I will read another chapter in my new book and complete the first activity.

Good to be away!

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