March 15, 2010

Spring Break: Day Three

The first day of vacation that occurs on a weekday is the best, don’t you think? We slept in and relished in the fact that our normal routine would be to rise early to get to school, meetings, et al. After leisurely getting ready we had a great time doing a few physical things.

We went on the tour of Talking Rocks Cavern, a hike, mining for gemstones, to an observation deck to take a look at the valley below and finally to ride go carts. It was a little cool out – still in the high 40’s – but it wasn’t rainy today like it has been since our arrival.

We are making plans for tomorrow…even though we are trying to be very non-specific about them. I do believe another visit to the go cart track is going to enter into the equation at some point this week….where I can grow more as a result of ego deflating last place status!

Vroom Vroom!

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