November 14, 2007

Total Loss

My car was a total loss. My dream car, I might add. I wanted a white one since they started making them in 1994. Total loss.

Last week when I found out I sat about looking for a new one. When I decided that none would meet my needs I decided I would drive a hooptie and life would go on.

As soon as I decided that I could live without a car, I found a new car. It was exactly the price I wanted to pay (okay, that isn't true because it wasn't free). It was the color I wanted and it gets great gas mileage. I feel like I am saving the environment; although, there have already been comments about it looking like a wind up toy. :)

And the dealer said the words I longed to hear.....warranty. Ahhhh.

P.S. Go Spurs Go, Beat the Mavs.

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