November 19, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I love the holiday season. I know it isn't even Thanksgiving, but I am already mesmerized by the Christmas decorations I am seeing in stores. I spent hours this weekend walking around in stores just looking at everything. There is something incredible and magical about this time of the year for me.

I find joy in giving, maybe that is part of it. I am also a Christian and love the traditions I have practiced all my life. I usually put up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and don't take it down until the week of the New Year. Yep, I am "one of those people"....and I love it.

I even like to bake this time of the year. I love to get magazines and recipes and make things I have never made just to see if I can. Everyone arounds me gains weight this time of year because I take things I make everywhere I go. And I am usually the microwave person or queen of eating away from the house the rest of the year.

I think I am going to just go with this and enjoy it.

Ho, Ho, Ho....not Ho Hum.

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