November 27, 2007

November 29

My dad died on November 29, 1994. I guess that was the worst November 29, but they all bring back the memory.He was only 61.

He and mom just bought a house in the country and were re-doing it before they moved in. They waited their whole lives to move to the country. The last time I saw him I spent the weekend there with all my other siblings helping them work in the yard and get things done.

Then he was gone. He was at his deer lease that day. He loved it there.It was the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I had already bought his Christmas present. I still have it. That was 13 years ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday.

I miss so many things but I think the thing I miss the most is that he never knew my son. He loved being granddad and I know my son would have loved him so much. My son actually reminds me a lot him. He has the same sense of humor. It is almost like he channels my dad. Maybe he does. Maybe that is one of God's gifts to me.

My Memories on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

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