November 26, 2007


It is my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving is the gateway to the Christmas holiday in my world! Thanksgiving was uneventful yet eventful at the same time.

We stayed in town. On Thanksgiving day we went shopping and to a restaurant. Don't be sad for us. That is typical. I didn't really buy anything, just loved looking at everything. We even did yard work. My son enjoyed raking the leaves (really, he did)! We put up the Christmas lights. I did some in the backyard this year. I decided I wanted to look outside and enjoy them, too.

Friday was more window shopping and then I got to work on doing the errands around the house. I am planning a holiday party for some colleagues Saturday. My motivation to get things together is there but the follow through is difficult. I just kept wanting to sit down and eat pumpkin pie.

I even changed my car this weekend. I stayed in the Toyota family but changed the kind. I like this one better and it has better gas mileage. It feels safer and it is white, too...jut like I like. My son refers to it as the "new, new car". I told him not to get used to it because I might change my mind again and get another one next week. :)

My son and I finally got all the decorations put up last night. I enjoy that part the most. We turn on holiday music and take photos and remember where each ornament came from and things we did in the years before. We were missing a snowman that held a lot of memories for us. We decided to put him in some charity items this summer when we were cleaning. I regret that decision. We got him the first year we were in the house we built when we moved back from Germany. My son was learning to talk so he called him "go-man" instead of "snowman". The snowman was taller than him back then so he would wrestle around with him on the floor. We donated him because the house we are in now doesn't have as much space for decorations.

My son is sick today. The weather change got him! He didn't sleep all night. That means his mom didn't, either. Poor boy. He has to miss a day of school (and he doesn't want to) to go to the doctor.

Long eventful, uneventful weekend over.

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