February 26, 2011


Today was productive. I got up early enough to do my usual Saturday cleaning, do the laundry (even folded, hung and put away) and make a real breakfast. Probably genetic, I feel a sense of great accomplishment when things are neat and tidy. The weather was just right for open windows. When windows are open and the house is clean I love to light candles. Again, probably something I picked up from my mom.

I’d bought three candles about two years ago because they smelled so good and they matched the colors in my bedroom perfectly. And I never lit them.

Today I lit them. My son saw them and said, “I thought you weren’t going to use those”. I thought I wasn’t either. But today I wondered what I was waiting on. Why do we so often put away our nice china only to be displayed in a cabinet? Or store other treasures where we can’t even enjoy them in our view?

I lit the candles and said out loud, “what am I waiting on? Someone to sell them in a garage sale for a quarter after I die?” And it was beautiful. And the smell was even more incredible than I remembered.

All lit up!

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