February 10, 2011

In Relation to....

In relationships, especially around Valentine’s Day and other gift giving holidays, it seems I hear people talking about what to get each other a lot.

I love giving. Don’t get me wrong. I see things all the time that I think, “so and so would love this” and I might get it for them. I get things for people I care about because I am a giver. When they cross my mind I send a text, an email, an old fashioned card or get them a gift. If I have extra money and I go to lunch with someone I care about I might even pick up the tab.

That is a characteristic I possess when I care. But, I don’t want my “doing” to be the reason a person wants to be a friend or lover.

So the thought went through my head today: Is who I am enough of a reason for you to be in my life? If everything I “did” for you ended today for some reason, would you still love me? If you didn’t get a card from me at Christmas or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, would I be enough?

This thought causes me to turn inward and examine, as many of my thoughts do. Who is in my life today? Why do I love them? What do I expect from them beyond just being who they are? And if I do expect more from them than who they are…..is that fair?

Who are you? Is that enough?

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