February 22, 2011

My Peace Poem

Today I needed peace, so I sought it.

When my twisted, tangled outcries for relief went unanswered

And my tear-soaked eyes were tired and I, nearly dehydrated

Fell to the bed and begged for mercy

My mind rehashed the painful events

And I shouted out

As loud as I could muster….


And I thought and rethought through all of the drama

The trials, the pain, the pain

The soreness was relived

Not relieved

And I asked myself

And even others

When will this pain stop….

And I heard no answers

So I am allowed to stumble about

In my desolation

I am allowed because I created it

In my mind

In my thoughts

In my deeds

I shouted out again

Where is peace

Where is serenity

Where is love

And this morning you answered

You said

It is everywhere

It is within you

It is around you

And once more I asked

But this time

I whispered

How do I attain it

And your voice was

As clear as a Saturday in the spring….

In the house in Heidenheimer

Widows open and the leaves rustling outside

…..and you said to me…

You go get it

So I did

I miss you everyday but you are always in my heart and I hear your voice when I listen.


Betty Kurecka said...

So very very raw and tender yet strong and touching. You hit all the emotions. You also made me cry which isn't easy to do with poetry. I see your house, hear the music of the wheels on the tracks, the whistle, the birds and the laughter and love in your home. You have wonderful memories. You are blessed.

Paula said...

Thank you so much. That made me smile! I just love you!!!!