May 17, 2010

Process Island

Today isn’t the first time for me to realize the thoughts in my head are somewhat unique. This is the reason I often refer to those in counseling, recovery and insight based living as “my people”. They get me. I get them. We are on an island unto ourselves. We have our own thoughts, behaviors and language. We often endure the same warped sense of humor and issues.

The truth (my truth) is that everyone, even those who are not indigenous to this island, have difficulties, deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses; however, distinctive to those who inhabit the island might be the knowledge of and fun we have with said issues. Thus, the idea I hold of the inhabitants living consciously. It seems to set us apart from the normies on the mainland.

There is nothing more exciting to me than when I meet other islanders on the mainland. Perhaps, I am speaking the native island language and see another nod their head in understanding. My people! Frustration follows when I share pearls of wisdom from the island and the mainlander looks at me cross eyed or has the audacity to be so out of touch with inner healing they question said insight as if they don’t know who I (think I) am.

Problematic to my situation is that I live among the mainlanders. One caution I offer to those who visit the island or desire to move to the island after a visit: Normalcy is not what insight offers. While, it may seem that seeking help and involving oneself in soul searching might provide one the fast track to mainstream living, it does not. The trade off for self-investigation is the elimination of ignorance. Once you become an islander you will always be an islander. You can move back to the mainland but you can never unlearn the life and language of the island.

Some days the information seems to be a burden that sets me too far apart from those who haven’t stepped off the mainland. Would I trade the information in for my ignorance and ticket off the island? Not today. But, I could change my mind tomorrow. Choice is another luxury on the island….but that is an entirely different topic.

Back to the island, it’s the weekend!

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