April 20, 2010

Risk Vs. Reward

What risk is too great to get to your goal?

We all know "them" or maybe we are "them". Willing to do anything to get what they want. I sometimes think that translates to willing to risk anything to get what you want.

While I am a firm believer in everyone living their dream and to their fullest potential, isn't there a line? Might it be a better idea to be more calculated? To look at what I might risk if I do, in fact, go for what I want?

While this list isn't all inclusive of what I look at, there are three very important things (to me) I tend to look at when attempting to "go for it". They are:

1. How will this impact my family?
2. How will this impact my career?
3. How will this impact my health?

There are always positives and negatives...yes, always. But, sometimes when going for what we want we can only see the positives. We put blinders on and pretend the negatives don't exist...and then one day when the sun and moon line up just right.....Pow! The negatives come into view and we wonder how we got there.

What are you willing to risk today to get what you want? What is too big to risk?

Risky question, huh?

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