April 05, 2010

Curriculum Coming out September 2010

Conscious Life: Understand who you are to begin changing your life!
The key to making true, long lasting positive changes in your life is by starting at the beginning.

As with most things in life….who we are is primarily a learned behavior. The fundamentals of our personalities, our interest, our curiosities, and our value system all come from our exposure to the world around us beginning at birth.

Step by step, block by block we have built our personalities and behaviors on a foundation created, in part, as unconscious reactions to events and changes in our lives.

Who we are today is simply the sum effect of our experiences…. Yet few among us take the time to examine how we’ve been changed or how we continue to change.

This exciting and new curriculum helps clients to make real long- lasting fundamental changes in who they are by uncoupling the life event from the person, to see themselves as not necessarily being only what they see in the mirror each morning and by using this new awareness to create the path that the client has always wanted for themselves and those around them…

Curriculum and workbook to be released September 2010!

$35.00 for Workbook
$1750.00 for Training on Curriculum

Reserve your copy today by emailing: Paula@PaulaHellerGarland.com

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