April 15, 2010

Curriculum Update

One of the best things about creating this curriculum is two-fold. Not only is it based on experience it is also being tested for results!

Having worked in most levels in the counseling field and with multiple modalities, I have had the opportunity to see what impacts people. I have collaborated with other professionals through the years and get feedback from many perspectives. Most importantly, perhaps, is that I have watched people grow and change. This curriculum is designed around what we have seen actually effect a change.

As we write the curriculum I have the opportunity to work it through with two different groups currently. Each time I have the privilege of receiving real time feedback from the actual participants. I walk away from the groups and we polish it a little more. So the words tried and true may have never been as "true" as with this curriculum.

There are so many reasons I am excited about the development of Unconscious Life. Watching the pieces of twenty years of work and experience fall into place is an incredible reward.

Are you working toward something today?

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