January 16, 2009

Long week

Maybe I shouldn't call it a long week as much as a busy week. It went by quickly with little time to sit.

Sunday was my son's 8th birthday. He had a bowling party that he enjoyed very much. We had family visit over the weekend, my mom included. My sister and I laughed so much and enjoyed planning our trip to Italy.

Work has been fast and furious. The program is growing by leaps and bounds and brings all of the fun that comes along with that.

I am leaving in the morning for South Texas. I am doing a training there on Monday. I look forward to that because I really liked the staff when I was there last year. I also look forward to the 24 hours of alone time I will have.

The NOVA conference begins on Wednesday. This isn't the most opportune time for that since the office is so busy, but it is just like Christmas. It comes the same time every year and it is always on my calendar....and even though there is a lot of work beforehand, it is always a fun time.

It was during NOVA last year that I got the call about my mom having cancer. I think that was the final straw of one of the most difficult periods of time in my life. Many things are still "undone" that were spinning out of control last year. There are many things that still need to be dealt with but this year is very different from last in many ways.

Mom is better and we are all better for it. I am in a job I love again. I have the best son in the world. We are preparing for his first communion this year. There is some emotional stability that had been missing.

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