January 04, 2009


I recently had a conversation with someone who lacks a little humility. The conversation was riddled with negative comments in relationship to their belief that others were somewhere beneath them educationally, thus on life's to tum pole. They didn't even say that. They just made many derogatory comments related to licenses and education of others in comparison to themselves. Comments about behaviors of others in a condescending way...the "oh, you do that, interesting." way.

I struggle with people in the counseling field being so closed minded. It is such an oxymoron. Closed minded, locked into their beliefs about what they think the "right way" to do something is. I am committed to my way of doing things, absolutely, but I am aware that my way isn't the "right" way. That my ideas and beliefs about how to make changes or grow won't work for everyone. That the decisions I make aren't right for everyone. I thought that is what counseling was about....but the longer I do it the more I see that a lot of screwed up people believe counseling is about making someone do it their way or believe their way.

I have a problem with that. I know that means it is a problem with me. I want to search for the answers to that.


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