December 28, 2008


The service I went to yesterday was beautiful. I have never been to such an uplifting service. It was a celebration of a wonderful life. There were tears and laughter. There was truth. People talked about who he was and the legacy he left.

The most incredible thing I witnessed was that everyone shared their experience of him similarly. I thought that was a testimony to who he really was. He was the same no matter how you knew him. He was authentic. He loved his wife and his brothers, he loved to cook and eat. He taught me about french cuisine. He taught me things about AA in a way I had never thought of them. He taught me about humility. He taught me about being unconditional.

I thought a lot during the service about what life means. I think it has to be about what you leave. When someone else is better because of you, I think that is a legacy to be grateful for.

Timmy, this kiddo will miss ya.

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