December 23, 2008

December 23

I got married ten years ago today. Things haven't gone as I thought they would have when I imagined it ten years ago. We are still friends. We are still co-parents to our wonderful son. We still have regrets. I remember this day...ten years was a beautiful time in our lives. I had always wanted an evening wedding at Christmastime. That is what we had. Everything in that small church was lit up with white lights and candles. Christmas music played. I married the man I thought God intended me to be with forever. The years that followed were wonderful, too. The best two years of both of our lives were the two years after we married and lived in Europe. It was as if we had a two year honeymoon. Then our son arrived. He added so much joy to both of our lives. There are so many happy memories and so many cherished events. I think we both wonder how things became the way they are today. No bitterness, no hateful words. Just memories.

Happy Anniversary.

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