March 04, 2008

Spring Break!

Well, here it is. The second day of my spring break. What that means in my world is no homework. There are no bikini clad beaches in my life, but I rejoice in a week without homework. The psychopharmacology and addictions class is complete. Next week starts the school counseling and multi-cultural issues class.

My son's spring break is fast approaching. We will fly together to deliver him to spend the week with dad. I have an out of state training during that week. I will be trained by NAADAC on Co-occurring disorders. I am anxious about that. Afterward I will meet back up with my son for Easter at my brothers house.

This will be the first Easter that my mom hasn't hosted in more years than I can remember. She will have just finished her second round of chemo. She is doing well with the treatments but the house full of people may be too much for one day.

Many things are changing. That is the way life is.

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