March 21, 2008

Back and Gone Again

I just returned from DC. The training was fabulous. I am anxious to conduct a training and share the information.

I was scheduled to come back on Tuesday; however, the weather did not cooperate. The airport I was flying into was shut down. I stayed an extra night in DC. The next morning I was re-routed into Philadelphia, PA. Because of weather there I missed my connecting flight back home. I had to stay in Philadelphia that night. It could have been enjoyable to see a few sights but the weather was cold and I saw a hotel room. The miracle happened yesterday. I thought I was going to have to fly to Chicago then home. I got up at 3:00 AM and got to the airport as early as I could. I got on standby for a direct flight home and I GOT IT! I have never been so happy to get home.

I unpacked, washed some clothes (that really needed washing!) and got enough sleep to get up and pack my suitcase again. Today I am at the office on Good Friday trying to get a few things wrapped up so I can head to my hometown for Easter. This afternoon I will get to spend some time alone with my mom. I really look forward to that.

I also get to see my son. It has been a week since he traveled south to spend his spring break. I know he is having lots of fun but I think it is time for a little mom time now!

Have a GREAT Good Friday and may you be blessed beyond anything you believe possible. This year Easter is more meaningful than ever.

Happy travels.

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