March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

We are out of school and work today for Easter Monday. Currently we are enjoying some quiet time at the library.

My son is back home. Things are getting back into our routine. We have soccer practice in a few minutes. Tomorrow is back to school and work.

The visit with my mom was great. I love her more than I can explain. She is a strong, wonderful woman. The idea that she needs me more than I need her right now is overwhelming. I thought I might not be able to be as much support as she needs but I think I did well. We enjoyed the time we were able to spend alone together. We talked about everything.

My son had an enjoyable spring break. He is excited to be going back to school. We are planning for a field trip with his class next month and several out of town weekends before the end of his year.

The training I was scheduled for in Orlando was cancelled so we will be able to do that trip at another time.

It is spring.

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