October 29, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Party!

Whew. It is over!

What an eventful few days. I have a little bit of unsolicited advice...never speak the words, "what else can happen next?" because you might find out!

Thursday morning while driving my son to school I had a traffic accident. I haven't done that since high school. I hit someone from behind; therefore, it is was my fault. I don't like the word fault. It causes me to begin making excuses and I turn blue because I feel oxygen deprived. Everyone was okay, though. My sweet child is so easy going and so understanding. After the shock of the accident was over he just said, "well, I guess I am going to be tardy"! I have had a lot of stiffness and headaches but otherwise, we are great.

Then the weekend came along. This was the "BIG WEEKEND" my family has been planning for months. It was my oldest sisters 50th birthday and we had a surprise party for her. Wow...have I wanted to talk about it! It has been so much fun planning and executing. My part wasn't that hard, really...but being very fearful of slipping up was difficult. But it went off without a hitch.

Friday my son and I went to my mom's house. My sister's were already there. We met my sister-in-law for some undercover operation then had lunch with my sisters and mom. Then we all headed to my nephews football game. He is a senior and an incredible player. His team won....still undefeated. I haven't been to a high school football game in years and I LOVED IT.

Saturday when the "operation" went into high gear my job was to entertain sis all day. She is the black belt shopper and we had so much fun. Since part of the little lie was getting her back to Texas by telling her I was accepting an award (for being an incredible woman, of course) on Sunday she wanted to treat me to a shopping spree so I would have plenty of outfits to pick from on Sunday. I loved them all....she bought them....I felt bittersweet knowing that I loved the clothes but had no award to accept on Sunday. Ouch.

When it finally came time to drive her to the party I was a little nervous. When we arrived I knew we had pulled it off (or that she is in the right place up in those Hollywood Hills because she is the best actress around!). She was so surprised....and even more surprised to find out that we were sending her to Italy to fulfill her dream of going back there on her 50th birthday.

So many people that I don't see often enough were at the party. Unfortunately, that setting isn't a great place to have a lot of detailed conversations so I didn't get to say as much or engage as much as I would have liked to...but I enjoyed seeing them, none the less.

And I finally met the famous Demitri. He works with the USA Olympic Luge Team. The company my sister owns is one of their sponsors so she has been fortunate enough to know him a while. He was incredible. He could run a country! I know I will be seeing him again in the future....at a world cup or at the olympics...I don't know where but he is a keeper!

I love my family. They are unique. They are wonderful.

Happy 50th, Sis.

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