October 15, 2007


What a weekend! My son's soccer game was great. He is learning a lot of new skills. Then we did a few chores and then went to our favorite book store. He had his very first visit with an author and a signed book. He has read it and had me read it to him many times since then.

I got an old book by Mo'Nique called, Skinny Women Are Evil. I read a couple of chapters but it is more like stand up comedy than anything that interests me. I also got the new Kelly Clarkson CD. That I like a lot.

Then off to Six Flags we went for Fright Fest. We rode a few roller coasters and ran around a lot. My boy is a fabulous kiddo. No matter what we do we have fun together.

I had a conversation with a very wise friend this morning. He told me about contentment being "an inside job". I have been milling that over since. Our discussion also involved another thought that I had not had before.....contentment and happiness aren't the same. Hmmmm.

Much to think about on a rainy Monday.

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