April 18, 2016


Day 12 of my 100 Happy Days is my love of baskets. Really. Baskets. I have more surrounding me than I care to count. I love them. Small, large, round, square, painted, natural. More than I love the basket I love to fill them with things. Anything. I use baskets to give gifts. I use baskets for utility. I use baskets for beauty. I even have some that just sit longingly to be filled.

Because this challenge asks for photos of the things that bring happiness I walked around my home this morning and snapped a few. So pictured here (and there are more, I promise) I have: a basket filled with items I use daily that sits atop my bathroom vanity. Next is the three tier basket contraption holding dishcloths, dish towels, and pot holders that stands in my kitchen. I have one tucked up into the cabinet in the laundry room that contains cleaning rags. Yes, it is behind closed doors, but organization and beauty isn't just for guests. I like the way it looks, too. I have a picnic basket draped in grapevine as decor in my dining area. I bought that in Germany and it makes me smile. I have several filled to their tops with "stuff" that stays in my linen closet. There are more under the sink but I didn't snap any shots. I even have a few in the garage that contain stuff. You know, "stuff". We all have garage "stuff". 

(Honestly, I had to develop a new paragraph simply because to the length, even though this is still the same subject) I love the baskets I use to store hats and gloves. I also love hats and gloves, but this happy day is about baskets. There is that sometimes empty basket sitting upon my jewelry box. I use it for sorting. During the week I am often in a hurry so I throw items there to sort back to their spots when I have time. I have an empty one on top of a cabinet in the laundry room...because...you never know.

The trifecta of basket love sits on my dryer. There I have a huge square basket. Guess what is inside? Three more baskets. One contains my shopping bags. Another contains random items - again a sorting thing for days I have more time. I guess the third is a bit like a sorting area. That is where mateless socks are held until they meet up with their partners again. Some stay there a very long time. 

#Nothingbutbasketlove #happy100 #happy100ntx 

Stay happy. Stay organized. 

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