March 20, 2016


This is a great article on the characteristics of good leadership. Far too many people with one or two of these traits can cause damage and destruction in organizations and communities.

The best leaders I know can lead and follow. Most importantly they know when to transition between the two. Otherwise it becomes about control and selfishness. 

Cleaning up after a self-centered leader comes through a program is heart wrenching. As they move on with their drive to conquer the world, the damaged lives are left questioning the goal of an entire program or community. 

I picked this image intentionally. I see a leader moving in the same direction of those they serve not in battle against. 

What do you think?


Trent Gaines said...

Great article, Professor Garland! I used to think I had problems with communication (we can all do things better, myself included), but then I realized that if I am being authentic, then maybe it's not my communication, but rather the other person's interpretation. All in all, I still have problems with communication (haha)! I also tend to not be much of a follower. I set myself up for failure a lot of the time in this area - I've missed some great connections and opportunities.

Paula said...

Thank you Trent. I think we all have good and bad qualities. Knowing the ones that get in our way is key!