May 06, 2016

A Little Morning Glory

Morning Glory Sprouting out of ground

It has been a long and valuable week. I have been evaluating my life a lot lately. I swear, I have been in a midlife crisis for ten years. I suspect is it less of a crisis than a transition. I realize what is most important in life. That little Morning Glory sprout tells my story.

I spent a lot of time in life seeking happiness. I sacrificed a social life in my twenties to climb the career ladder. I certainly don't regret it, nor was it without satisfaction, but I do realize that happiness was fleeting and required me to constantly seek more. 

Today I drove my sonshine to school. The drive takes nearly and hour so we had a great conversation. I returned home. Later this morning I was excited as Max ran behind me when I went into the backyard to see how the cilantro I planted last week was doing. I was ecstatic to see a tiny little sprout coming through the soil. So excited that I came back in the house to retrieve his leash so we could go to the mailbox to look for the results of the Morning Glory I also planted last week. When I saw the sprouts standing proudly I immediately watered them and captured a few photos. 

Morning Glory sprouts

Walking back into the house it occurred to me how much my life has changed and how satisfied I am with my life. The simple things. I don't travel as much as I used to. I don't go out much. I often opt to stay in and watch a movie or do a little yard work instead of going out. Boring? Not at all. I am satisfied. Remarkably satisfied. Lo, do I only wish I had known what real satisfaction could be twenty years ago. 

Live and learn, no doubt. 
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