January 04, 2015

Open Letter

Life is short: 

I know, that's cliché. But think about it. You only have one today. Just one. If you spend today in worry or regret, you'll have wasted this one very precious day. Maybe one day seems simple, even short, but string those days together and they add up to a lifetime. 

Forgive them: 

They hurt you. They used you. They lied to you. They let you go, maybe even cast you away and left you feeling worthless. But let them go. Let it go. Hanging onto the pain takes the beauty out of this simple 24 hours. "They" will never be worth your life, will they? 

Forgive yourself: 

Maybe you were an innocent victim. Maybe you allowed them in. Maybe you ignored the red flags. Maybe you trusted too much, gave too much, cared too much. Forgive yourself. You are human. Forgiving yourself will free you in a way few things can. It's time. It's time. 

Take new risks:

There are opportunities and people right in front of you. Right now in this simple day. They aren't the ones who have hurt you. They are new. Let them in. If you risk, you may get hurt. I know that is scary. But risk anyway. Remember, life is fleeting. The clock keeps ticking and those opportunities don't have forever, either. 

Allow yourself to be happy

It's not too soon. It's not unfair. It's not too much. Be happy. You deserve the love, peace, joy and happiness like everyone else. I suspect you want that for others? Why not for you? Why not now? 

24-hours. That's all. 

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