January 18, 2015

Collegiate Recovery

Something amazing occurred today.  Well, it has actually been happening for a while, but I saw the mark of a dream becoming reality this morning.  

For twenty years, while working in the addiction profession, I was privileged enough to help clients in active addiction and early recovery.  It was incredibly rewarding.  I wouldn't change those experiences for anything.

I have long known there is much more to healing than step zero and breaking through denial.  I dreamt of seeing the day I could spend time around and in support of others who were working hard to become better daily.  Not just folks who go the gym or floss, you know?  I mean the real, raw, gut-wrenching healing work that has changed my life, when people are really leaning into that and in the aftermath of such amazing work?

Today I saw something I have long dreamt possible, fall into place.  I was honored to attend the first Collegiate Recovery Program "Welcome" Brunch for the very first students enrolled in the CRP at The University of North Texas.  Something that a student in early recovery wanted and needed so badly, he didn't give up until others got on board and started taking action.  

A community of UNT students, staff and faculty stood behind students in recovery and supported the concept.  I imagined it could happen, yet didn't believe it would happen this quickly.  I shed a few tears today.  No longer am I in an era of recovery being a dirty little secret that eats away at a soul who cannot bring recovery into all areas of their lives.  I stand among people who are in and support recovery, without shame, without embarrassment and without apology.  

Students no longer have to chose between college and recovery.  I am humbled and amazed.  

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