February 17, 2013


Last month someone told me about Geocaching. It's basically a treasure hunt using a GPS.  There is a free app so I put it on my phone and didn't think about it again.

{The Compass King}

Until yesterday!  We had time to kill mid-day so we went to a park.  I was using my phone to snap a few pictures when I remembered....the Geocaching app!

{Our First Find}

My Sonshine started looking them up and by sundown we made six treasure finding trips.  
We found two, learned that some are truly hidden and no matter what the outcome it's fun!

{Yes, even fun for mom}

We found trinkets and signed the log. 

{Signing the log at Find Two}

We've signed up at www.geocaching.com
 and decided on our own team name!  Let the hunts begin! 

{Findless was even fun}

The Weenie Dawgs 

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