September 18, 2012

Stages of Change

I have long understood and appreciated Motivational Interviewing concepts in counseling.  Further, I adhere to the belief that The Stages of Change apply to a majority of my own life challenges.  A quick down and dirty of The Stages of Change goes like this:

When in the stage of Pre-Contemplation others may recognize I have an area that needs to change.  However, I do not.  This stage for me is akin to denial.

In the stage of Contemplation, I am beginning to see this area as something I might want to change.  I am starting to recognize the negative aspects of continuing the behavior.

In the stage of Preparation, I have accepted that this change needs to take place and have gone so far as to look into how I will execute said change.  I might have even given the change a start date.

In the Action stage I am doing this new behavior daily.

During the Maintenance stage I have continued this change in behavior for at least 3-6 months.

If return to the old behavior occurs this stage is considered Relapse.

Yes, there is a point to this instruction.

I am inviting you to follow me in a change I have considered (contemplation) for a while.  Five months ago it wasn't even a concern (pre-contemplation).  For three weeks I have researched -- more than on a surface level -- several options for this change (preparation).  Tonight I pulled the trigger toward the action.

I can give a long list of justification for "why" it is so.  Instead, I'll save that for when I am feeling self-pity.  Over the last five months I have gained some weight.  I stopped exercising.  And I lack the energy I once had after about 4:00 PM.  I have had enough of this.

In addition to some spiritual guidance and holistic shepherding by a professional, I made a decision to use a product distributed by Advocare.  [No, I am not becoming a distributor who is about to ask you to buy something.]

I placed the order tonight.  And if I am completely honest with myself and others I will admit that a friend who is very involved in this company talked with me about these products over two years ago.  My interest was only luke warm.

Tomorrow I will be speaking to the Advocare consultant couple who will provide me with all the details I need about the 24-Day Challenge.

I have also reached out to two very motivating friends who work in the fitness industry hoping they will lend their support.

My intention in making this public is for accountability.  You know...if by this time next month you haven't heard me mention this.  Ask me about it.

Looking forward to a little Spark in my life.....

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