December 11, 2011

Just Write Something

I have slacked in my writing lately. So I am following the simple directions of several fellow bloggers. Just write something.

It is the holiday season.....

In the past few weeks I have put up my Christmas tree then put it up again. The dear little thing fell over in the middle of the night. I lost a few ornaments. But this one remains intact. And it is a favorite.

This year I have attempted to bring a festive mood back to this time of the year for my son's sake. And I see that he is talking about his grandmother a lot more. This is our first year with Max, our dog. My Sonshine even bought him a stocking to hang on the mantel. I love his spirit of giving. He is a lot like his grandmother. That reminds me she will be with us always.

My commitment to myself (and you) is to write more often. Even if only a little.

Happy Holidays.

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Betty Kurecka said...

Finally! I've been missing you and had vowed I wouldn't write again until you did. (Of course that's not quite true but it gives me an excuse when the truth is that I'm bone-dry in the writing arena. Maybe if I follow in your footsteps and just write, it will work for me as well.) Love the ornament!