June 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom for Women

Wanted to share one of those incredible finds of mine.....from buying a used book.

Words of Wisdom for Women by Rachel Snyder


"Feel deep down inside the pain of missing someone or something so badly it hurts. Notice the empty spaces around your heart that need filling. Tune into other aches in your body. When your belly burns with a red-hot fire, pay attention. What is the true source of your ache? What are you trying to digest that's too large, too hot, too unfamiliar to handle? Ache for the friend who died of AIDS too early. Ache for the mothering you never received, the love you had and then lost, the love you never had at all. Ache to be held, to be touched, to be adored. Ache for the sad woman down the block, the frightened child upstairs, the grieving parents around the corner. Let your heart ache and break and ache again---until it grows stronger and more able to open with ease".

....embracing all feelings...

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